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Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9th tag

Tim's amazing day 9 tag.
I can't find this evergreen die to save my life, BUT I did get my painty little paws on the Halloween Candlelight fright die!! 

My background tags, just messing around with his awesome rusted enamel technique

Okay, I do believe these two are my favourite....the one on the right being my very most favourite.  I didn't have an alpha I loved for these, so I left them without.  For now.

And one more because I had this bg tag from another day, and this new stamp set burning a hole in my desk. lol  I love the stamping a photo like stamp on glassine, and heating to set, then crumpling.  Lovely!
It's kind of a combination of different tags I guess...speaking of which, I might as well share here some of my other 'mixed up Tim Tags'.

Another shot with a different embossing folder at the faux embossed enamel tag.  I like the other one much better.

And a few more with some lovely deer...with tag backgrounds from different days. 
Just to keep it interesting. lol

I still have to add my trim to the tops of all of these, but I'll get to that...sometime before they find their way onto gifts. :0)

I cannot believe there are only 3 tags left to go this year. 
Do you think Tim and Mario could possibly be talked into the 24 tags of Christmas??
Or add 12 tags of Halloween, and 12 tags of Easter, and 12 tags of Valentines....and....

1 comment:

Adventures in Arts and Crafts said...

Beautiful tags....I do the same thing sometimes, just play with backgrounds. Your backgrounds for the candle are beautiful and so is the metal enamel. I wasn't so successful. Thanks for sharing.