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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Days 8-11 Tim Tags!

Day 8
I didn't have his seasonal masks, so I used my labels die and his mask sheets to cut my own, and this is what I did with it.

Day 9
I love this one. Mine is off from Tim's but I tend to take a good look at his, head down to my 'studio' and just work from memory.  I also didn't have the alpha die, so I used a set of my QK squeeze alphas.   Also the acoutrements are just some random buttons from my stash, the music stamp is Purple Onion Designs  HERE and garland was from my tree a few years back. lol  I also made all my own baubles for the tags, with wire and beads.

Day 10
Again, I didn't have the right die, so I used my snowman stamp...but I'm now the proud new owner of the snowman die, just waiting for it to arrive.  I think I'll cut a bunch and send them into school with my 6 year old for his class to decorate!

Day 11
So sad to see this day come every year.  It means there's only one tag left. Sigh.
For this one I did something totally different.  I don't love the pine tree die that I have, and I did use it on one of the other tags, becuase it was all I had.  I was planning to use it for this one as well, infact, i even cut it twice from my grunge...then when putting the die away this one caught my eye!  I picked it up at a yardsale about a year ago, and had never even used it...until today!  I love the unexpected twist on this, and I think Tim would approve of the improv. lol

I will be back tomorrow with my final tag of 2010...I'm so sad it's nearly over!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tim Tag day 7

Here it is!
I loved this tag, and I hope to make a few more!  I think I'll use a ready to go Pointsettia though for my duplicates, as I don't have the sticky back canvas, and this was a lot of extra gluing and cutting. lol
I can't get my pointsettia to look like Tim's but for a first shot at it, I'm happy with the result.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jumping in where I am...

I'm so far behind, I can't even believe it.
I'm just going to jump in where I am and pray that one day I get to catch up.  lol
So, Tim's 12 tags of Christmas are where I am scrappy-wise!

So far, this is how mine are looking.  I had ordered the reindeer die on Pre-order, but they still haven't come in. :0(  I'm sad that Sizzix isn't caught up, especially with Tim's Tags going on!!

I've become an improv. specialist, as well as a huge wish-lister. lol

Day 5
Sadly I'm finding that pretty well all of my crackle paints have either completely dried out, (like my rock candy {sniff sniff}), or they're so dry I can't paint with them, but I've added some water, and praying I can salvage them. The exception to this rule has been my metallic ones, that seem to be holding up pretty well, so I used a brass one here instead of my dry as a bone and already-crackled-to-the-max-inside-the-jar green. 
Again, I don't have his numbers, so I had to make do with my old MM ones, and though I did use the emboss trick, you really can't tell, irl or here in the photo. lol
Here we have days 3&4.
Again, I didn't have most of what he used, so I made it up as I went along!

This was day 2.
I loved making my own custom stamp pads and did so for many of my stamps.  I'm going to need to buy more felt!! lol  No metal birds or baubles here either, so I used a QK die for the bird on some metallic coal CS and fashioned my own bauble with some wire and beads.

This was day 1.
I didn't have either of the dies for this, so I free hand cut the house, and I used an old sizzix die for the fence.  I also didn't have the Prima branch, so some blingy greenery stood in for that too. lol

Today, Day 6.
I didn't have the tree folder or the reindeer die yet, so I cut the sizzix tree I do have from Chipboard, and used it to emboss the tag.  Then I stamped the snowman, and embossed, and cut him out to use rather than the reindeer.  I also didn't have the lovely music  note tissue tape.  I have so much to collect still!!

I will be back again with more Tim Tags, as I'm determined to at least take a little time each day for me during this 12 tags of Christmas!