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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Tim tag!

I did this one a few days ago, and decided to get it up here tonight quickly before I head down to my scrappy space to jump into teh rest of the stuff I have to get done for gifts before Christmas. YIKES!!

And now just thought I'd add this card, becuase I did it for a challenge over at the Scrapping Turtle to make a Christmas card that has NO red green or blue on it! of course I go with oranges and brown. LOL

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas tags

I have been totally inspired by the tags Tim Holtz has made so far this year in his 12 tags of Christmas! I don't have the stamps he's been using, but when I came across these ones, I knew I wanted to play!!! My mom grew up spending much of her time at the Caribou Island lighthouse in Lake Superior, as her father was the keeper. Every year we sing this song at Christmas. They now live just across the street from the Welland Canal, and do watch the ships go sailing by on Christmas day! This one is my very favourite of all that I made today.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas card Extravaganza!

So on Saturday evening I met with a bunch of lovely ladies from over at the Scrapping Turtle. to make Christmas cards,...and I only got 6 done. LOL But I did get a pile of die cut cards ready to go using my friend Kim's awesome die that I think I might die if I don't soon get! LOL

Here are my cards...there are several more of the oblong die cut one, with different pp's but they're pretty similar...

A huge thanks to all the ladies who shared dies, die cutting machines, and ink with me! ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not Again!

I stand corrected...only my sister and sweet friend Kate would tag me! LOL

Ok, Kate! I'll do it...even with a smile. hehe! I just can't promise that I'll tag 7 more people, you already took Heather, Dee, Regan, and Kim on me! LOL

Now, I'm still new at this blogging thing, and I can't figure out how to get the rules posted here...but I think that's ok, 'cause the rules say I have to tag 7 people...and we don't need that here right? LOL

I've been tagged to post 7 random things about me....

Here goes

1. I took a martial arts in high school and loved it, but dropped out just after my dad had a heart attack, because it was on the same night as my mom's bible study, and I was too worried about my daddy to leave him home alone on Thursday's.

2. I have more animals than I do children! 3 cats and 3 kids...but the 1 dog puts the animals ahead..and Rob and i have no intentions of changing this ratio anytime in the near future! LOL

3. I sleep (or rather lay down in bed all night) with my now almost 18 month old ON TOP of me, because that's the only way she will sleep...since she was 3 months old!! Hence my blog title.

4. I've learned that my blog title isn't enirely correct though, as i've been sick for nearly 3 weeks now. Thankfully I've been on the mend since Tuesday's just taking longer than i'd hoped to recuperate.

5. Reading is my favourite way to spend alone time...unless of course I'm scrapbooking or making cards!

6. One of my favourite ways to spend time with my kids is in the kitchen. They all love to help me bake/cook, and i'm so grateful for that! When DH and I met, he could barely make a PB&J sandwich, so I'm relieved to know that my 4 and 6 year olds can already do that with confidence...someday they'll be making my dinner...and when they leave home, they'll never go hungry!

7. One of my favourite times of day is 'tea time' with Sarah. She's not even 18 mos. yet, and she LOVES to have tea parties. Seriously, i don't add sugar or sweetner for her, only rarely do I add a drop of honey, just cream in her tea and she's in heaven...and before you tell me she never sleeps from the caffeine rush from the tea, it's always decaf, and/or herbal. :0) She's just priceless drinking her tea!!

There you go, Seven random things about me! :0)

Now, Eileen, it's my turn to TAG YOU!!! YOU'RE IT!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Only my sister would do this to me!!! Grrr...
I've been tagged to list 7 "bookish" things about me. What does this even mean? I'm not really sure, but being the super supportive baby sister that I am, all out of gratitude for her effort in ensuring my existance in the first place (Eileen insits that she prayed me into existance, which in theory sounds a little nuts, but in reality, it really is the only explanation for my existance. LOL I'm the youngest by far of my parents 5 daughters. Eileen being the next oldest finally got through to God when she was 10 and I guess had annoyed Him enough to just send the family me. HAHA!!!) Who would expect to have another baby when your oldest is 17 and your youngest is nearly 11..and there are already 4 girls....well, I can tell you, not my parents.
Anyway, back to the tag, sorry for the long way there.

Here goes.
SEVEN Bookish things about me. ....Eileen tell me if I'm doing this ALL WRONG! LOL

1. I like to read before bed
2. I am totally into the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum Novels! I started in September with One For the Money, and have read through the first 13 on average taking 2-3 days per novel. I just picked up Fearless Fourteen yesterday at the Library.
3. I tend to borrow my books from the library rather than buy them. Firstly, there are way too many other things with 3 kids to spend the money on and just as importantly, my kids need to be able in my house with me. If I bought the books, I could NEVER part with them, and there wouldn't be any room for my kids to live here with me.
4. I like to have a hot drink when I'm reading, in a sunny spot if I have time to read in the day...which is like never. LOL
5. I read every word...I'm not a skimmer either.
6. I'm running out of bookish things to say about myself.
7. I'm going to relate bookish things to scrapping here, since this is intended to be my scrappy blog. ...My favourtie kind of books to WRITE are SCRAPBOOKS! :0)

back to business!

I've been really really sick since November 3rd, so I've neglected things here. I think I'm FINALLY on the mend though! :0)

I have been fortunate enough to be asked to be a Guest Design Team member for The Scrapping Turtle for the month of November! My kit was the AC Romance line! I've been going more shabby these days, so this was a change for me, but I loved it! I like going out of my box, it's the only way to learn your style, and evolve!! I couldn't keep it all clean and linear though. LOL I had to add some distressing, which I think evolved out of my love for my sister Karen's and my good friend Jennifer's amazing scrapping styles! Thanks girls for sharing your work with me! ;)

So, here's what I was up to with the GDT kit from the Turtle!
Check out their site at Or pop into the store if you're even out in St. Jacobs! They're upstairs in the old mill building.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


When I was a child my Dad always juiced grapes for us to have awsome juice all year through. My dad's juice totally kicks Welches' butt! LOL A few years back I reminded him of his juicing days and suggested that I'd love if he started juicing again as my kids would love the tast of his juice too. So he started up again. This was the first year, I bought a bushell myself, and so did 2 of my sisiters, and we all juiced with Dad. It was a really special. I have some more pics to scrap of this joyous event, but for now I had these ones taken by my sister Karen. And I loved this Scrapfan kit. Try There are 2 copics in the kit, the red and green that I used to make these cool flowers with! Thanks for checking in!

It took me longer than I expected to get this one picutred and into my 'puter. But this is finally my last installment on Sept. 2008 school picutre layouts! LOL This is my little man Charlie in JK at just 3 years old! How did he get so big? Again, I used a sheet of pp from the Turtle yard sale, loved the alphabets on it for school pics, and just out of luck k comes after j in the alphabet, and I had an adorable open heart die from QK to frame the JK for his JK year in the upper right! LOL

Monday, October 20, 2008

School pics!

I can't believe we have two boys in school this year! We just got the school pics back and I couldn't wait to get them scrapped.
I have Charlie's 8X10 scrapped for his album as well, but no pic of it yet.
Tonight I'll post Gary's layout and the one of the both of them for the family album. Tomorrow I'll try to get a good pic of Charlie's and get it up here too!

I was fortunate enough to snag some cool pp for using with distress inks and my HS leaves mask at the Scrapping Turtle yard sale this weekend, and that's what I used on the Grade One layout. I also used another sheet in similar fashion for Charlie's.
Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll get the last one posted!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My little Sarah

She just loves loves to hang out on our back deck and play in the little water fountain. I snapped this pic. a few weeks ago of her all dressed up in her blue jeans, and her cute little jean jacket!
This is an 8" layout that I did for a challenge over on 2peas. The challenge was to use each of your initials as the first letter of a product or technique in your layout. Mine are JSA J-Junk, and jems S- stamp, A-alcohol inks
The 'junk' is the little bird. I made him from packaging! ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My corner of the blogging world.

Okay, this is my second attempt at blogging. My first blog seems to have locked me out, and this is my final shot at it, if this doesn't fly, I just wasn't meant to blog! LOL

My goal is to update at least monthly and hopefully weekly with new layouts and perhaps stories too. I'd love to post the occasional tutorial here for other scrappers to enjoy as well!

So, welcome to my little corner of the blogging world!!