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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Some Christmsas Eve Eve 2015 thoughts

It's been ages since I blogged here, and I don't even have anything creative to share, except a bit of 'creative writing'. 

In writing to a friend this morning, after typing all of this out, I realized this is something I will want to look back on in years to come, and someday my kids might even be amused by mom's experiences in attempting to pull off a memorable family Christmas for them. 

Here it is:

I'm off to run like a mad woman this morning too.  Do you know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to find an old Wii game, NHL Slapshot?  It's one of the very few things Charlie has asked for this year, because his old copy is scratched and crashes all the time.  Sigh.  Seriously, my kid asks for a game that is marked down to 99 cents at EB games, because they don't even take it in trade anymore, and it's one of like 3 things he wants (You know you're having a bad mom year when the kid asks for his own tube of toothpaste and a game worth NOTHING), and though I can come up with the toothpaste for him, I think that's not going to make Christmas magical. lol   I've even put an ad on Kijiji looking for it, but I'm coming up empty!  

I've got one who wants a cell phone, and a $140 set of headphones, and the other wants a tube of toothpaste and an obsolete Wii game.  My life is full of contradictions!  Maybe it's because last year the poor kid got a laptop that didn't work and had to be sent back twice, and a pair of headphones that took him over 6 months to figure out how to use.  Asking for toothpaste and a 99 cent game probably seems like a good plan to him.  Lowering expectations and all.  

Sigh.  I'm ready for bed and it's not even 8:30 a.m..

Heaven help me in attempting to make this a magical Christmas for all at our house!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year...It's 2015???

Welcome to 2015! How did I get from January 2, 2012 to January 9, 2015?  Good Grief! It's been an absolute whirlwind!

I'm hoping that maybe this is my year to finally spend some time blogging again.

I still hope to get some creative paper crafting stuff up here, but to be totally honest, I haven't actually done much of anything terribly creative since I last blogged. EEEK! That's terrible...and not entirely true, but mostly so.

I have a different computer now and will have to sort out getting photographs to work for blogging again. That's going to be somewhat of a chore methinks.

For now, I'll share one of my newest passions. I'm still a lover of all things paper crafting, but time has been in short supply for hobby stuff the last several years. It's that whole growing family and kids in hockey and everything...

I have a huge respect for natural health care. I truly believe that God put here for us what we need; I won't go into a big tirade today, but I could. :)  But, I won't.

For today I'd like to leave you with a look at one of my most favourite Essential Oils. Copaiba (pronounced "Co-pai-ee-ba").
This stuff is fabulous. It is a great companion oil to many others, because it will enhance other oils.
I reach for this pretty little bottle often! :)

You will notice this is a Young Living Essential Oil. I settled on using Young Living oils after much research. This company has it right, and I am confident in their product. They are used even in hospitals throughout the US. I would LOVE to see that happen in Canada...wonder if I can help with that?

If you would like to learn more about Young Living or any of their products, you can reach me through my new blog specifically related to Young Living Essential Oils as well as my EFT practice on occasion right here at The Pure Oil Blog.  I will admit there is a bit of a learning curve for Canadian Distributors, but it's well worth the effort, and once you learn the Canadian ropes, it's smooth sailing!  I was unable to find a Canadian distributor, so my upline is American. She's awesome (shout out to Angie V.!!!), but being in the US she was unfamiliar with some of the differences we experience as Canadians.  Now that I'm plugging along quite nicely, I'd be happy to help anyone else navigate their way.

I'd also be happy to have you take a look at my EFT site The Pure Oil to learn more about Emotional Freedom Techniques!

And now, I'll leave you with a picture of my man playing in the Rangers Nation Hockey weekend.
He's a Hockey man through and through!!

That's my boy in the Blue helmet, clearing away the puck. :)

Happy New Year!