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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Smitten with circles in September!

It seems I've been rather drawn into circles this month!
I've also been purging older stash, and trying to finally organize my scrap space. We have lived in this house for over 2 years now, I think it's time to finally do the job. lol In my sorting and purging I came across LOADS of stickers. You know the ones, CM, Sandy Lion, Mrs. Grossman, Provo Craft...some of them got the boot, but I actually LIKE quite a few of them. This isn't to say that I'd buy them again, but since I paid for them once, I might as well use them...right?
So I've challenged myself to use up a load of my old stickers! I also have enough ribbon to take me to the moon and back, and die cuts out the wazoo...and chipboard...and rubons! lol In my effort to use up stash, I've committed to using at least 1 old sticker on each layout I do for at least the next month. I'm trying to also incorporate other old stuff as mentioned above.

Check out these layouts from this past week, and see if you can pick out my old stash on them!!!

If you'd like to join me in my personal challenge, please jump on board, with a link to your own blog, so I can check out your old stash at work too! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Friday Surprise... coming this week over at The Scrapping Nook Forum! :)
I will be opening a special little challenge on Friday Sept. 11th over on the GEneral Scrapping Chit Chat forum. There will be room for FIVE participants. If you haven't popped over to the Nook yet, stop by and see if you'd like to play!

I have a few more layouts and cards to add here from my DT kit, but I'm on the wrong computer to do them now. I'll have to pop back. They are all in the Scrapping Nook Gallery though!
Have a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day already???

How did that happen??? What happend to my summer? It feels like it JUST got here....and now it's gone. :0(

This is the first year I have mixed feelings about school starting. Every year until now, I've dreaded it way more than the kids. This year, I'm a little excited, a lot nervous for both of my boys, and also still sad too. I love love love having my kids home with me, but I know this is good for them, and once they settle in they really enjoy school. I'm hoping to do some volunteer with Breakfast club again this year, and since Sarah is so much happier in the day, my days when both of the boys are in school should be much easier than I'm accustomed to. ;0)

Now, onto the good scrappy stuff! :)

Patti and Elia over at The Scrapping Nook have asked me to be a GDT member for the months of Sept. through November! I'm so excite to be a part of her fabulous team! Jen Backler, Tara, Deena and my big sister Karen Thompson are the full time DT at the Nook, and they produce some gorgeous stuff!!
I got my AMAZING kit the last weekend of August and got straight to work! :)
My Little Yellow Bicycle Autumn Bliss line is absolutely gorgeous! I'd tell you hop on over to the Nook right now and get yourself some...but the store is currently closed. {{{{CRY}}}} I had so much in my cart to check out too!!! They had an electrical fire in early Sept. and the store is closed until further notice while they sort everything out. Thank Heaven no one was hurt, and I'm praying that this all goes smoothly for them. The Forums and gallery are still open and running though, so hop on over there for some awesome inspiration, and say hello!

Here's what I've posted so far from my beautiful kit, and I have another few layouts and some cards to post yet as well!

And a few others that have not been from the DT kit, but that I've been having fun with anyway.

this one infact
was a lift of the fabulous Jen Backler, from the Nook DT, also on Gel-a-tins DT!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrappin'!