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Thursday, November 26, 2009

UHU sample review

I got my UHU sample in the mail last week, and it was a total surprise! When I requested it she responded saying that they were all out for it was a really happy mail day when it arrived!

When I got my hot little hands on this glue stick I really wanted to give it a good test!
This is the ONLY adesive I used on both of these projects(with the exception of the self-adhesive pearl centering the pointsettia)! I used the glue stick to apply the paper to the clipboard, as well as the ribbon..and the pointsettia...and the bond is strong enough for me to actually pick up the clipboard by holding only the pointsettia petals! I'm very pleased with this glue stick! The glue goes on purple, and dries clear. When I saw how well it held the ribbon and pointsettia, I decided to add a little sparkle as well...and since it went on purple I could easily see where I had applied it. Then it did indeed dry completely clear, so it's just shimmery beautiful, no tint to the dazzling diamonds glitter. It's holding the glitter well, it's not rubbing off now that the glue is dry.
If you're looking for a new adhesive, I think this is one definately worth a try! I'm totally impressed with it!

Thank you UHU for the great sample and the clipboard! As you can see, my 2 year old daughter even got to help 'embellish' before I was able to snap the picture. lol

Take a look over here on the UHU blog
for your chance to request a free Sample in December!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Gosh I'm late getting on here to post. lol I've been running a month long Get ready for Christmas crop over on the Scrapping Nook. You can still do any of the challenges and enter into the first week in December, so head on over and check it out!! There is very exciting news over there as well! ;) The Nook is under new management, and I have been asked by the new owner to join her Regular DT which is such an honour for me! I'll be joining my sister, Karen Thompson, as well as Jen Backler, and Heather Goodes the copic Queen! It's going to be a fantastic adventure!

In the mean time I'm going to share just a little of what I've been up to lately!

Santa and me when I was about 5. :0)

Love this colour combo! On this card I've combined both dry and wet embossing.

Love making these! I have this one on my door rather than a wreath! ;0)

The cover of my December Daily album for this year!

Made with the leftovers from the following layout. I also used an old Club Scrap stamp and some pretty flower soft!

My baby girl all wind blown last summer. New Harmonie product! All Canadian!

Some cards made with the wax paper resist technique. This represents the only time in the last 6 months I've used my iron! lol

Lots of RED!

Playing with some old stuff...microbeads! I love them!

Thanks for looking, I've just completed my project with the UHU glue stick and will be posting my review in the next day or two! This is a glue stick worth getting! ;0)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UHU sample!

I recently found the UHU blog through a friend and requested one of their samples to try. In a week or two after emailing the, I got the sample, and had some fun! This is the sample I was sent.
And here's the information on it!

I did a few layouts with it, and here they are!

I found it super easy to use, and it didn't clog or gum up at all, like some other glue runners I've used. I did however find it wasn't strong enough to hold heavier or more textured stuff down. All the bulk on these layouts were put down with glue dots. I always use glue dots for the bulk, as I've never found any glue runner that will hold, and I really don't expect to! Different adhesives for different applications. It worked well on the photos and paper though! I found it was even relatively easy to re-position the papers just after I'd adhered them. If I tried to re-position too many times though, I need to add more of the glue runner.
Bottom line, great tool for paper and photos! :)