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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Caught up...

 I am so very behind...but as my brilliant brother-in-law taught me years ago, the sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch really, 2011 is looking up. HA!

I want to share some DT work remaining from 2010 at the Nook.

This one is a very simple one with some Fancy Pants Happy Together. 
My three little muchkins, the last walk-through in our old house, before the new owners came in. 
I used to measure the boys on this door jam. I was so sad to leave it behind.

And some much loved Websters!!!  The Wonderfall collection is STUNNING,
as is all Websters!

This is an older picture, and I love the perspective of it, and of course Charlie's
big blonde curls!

loved the journaling cards in this wonderfall beautiful! and the trims!  Wow! They're simply stunning.
To find WONDERFALL click HERE.
Then I saw this stunning Pink Paislee in the store, and I couldn't resist, so I picked it up and the pinks in it were perfect with these pics of my Sarah last winter.  See all those chicken pox?  This was round THREE.  The boys both had it before her. Sigh. lol
And some Bo Bunny Winter Joy
Yes, I realize that my "a" had fallen off  before I took the pic..but I didn't see that until I was editing the pictures after I'd sent the layout to the store. Oops.
This is a special picture for me.  Klaudie is sitting  in the glider here in this picture, on Christmas Eve, and little did we know then that this would be his last Christmas with us. 
He passed away unexpectedly on Mother's Day through the night.  I miss him so much.  I'm so glad to have this picture of him last Christmas.

I'm feeling slightly more caught up now. lol

I will share some Merry January Tomorrow!

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