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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UHU sample!

I recently found the UHU blog through a friend and requested one of their samples to try. In a week or two after emailing the, I got the sample, and had some fun! This is the sample I was sent.
And here's the information on it!

I did a few layouts with it, and here they are!

I found it super easy to use, and it didn't clog or gum up at all, like some other glue runners I've used. I did however find it wasn't strong enough to hold heavier or more textured stuff down. All the bulk on these layouts were put down with glue dots. I always use glue dots for the bulk, as I've never found any glue runner that will hold, and I really don't expect to! Different adhesives for different applications. It worked well on the photos and paper though! I found it was even relatively easy to re-position the papers just after I'd adhered them. If I tried to re-position too many times though, I need to add more of the glue runner.
Bottom line, great tool for paper and photos! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great layouts Jillian;) Glad to know the UHU works well!