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Thursday, November 26, 2009

UHU sample review

I got my UHU sample in the mail last week, and it was a total surprise! When I requested it she responded saying that they were all out for it was a really happy mail day when it arrived!

When I got my hot little hands on this glue stick I really wanted to give it a good test!
This is the ONLY adesive I used on both of these projects(with the exception of the self-adhesive pearl centering the pointsettia)! I used the glue stick to apply the paper to the clipboard, as well as the ribbon..and the pointsettia...and the bond is strong enough for me to actually pick up the clipboard by holding only the pointsettia petals! I'm very pleased with this glue stick! The glue goes on purple, and dries clear. When I saw how well it held the ribbon and pointsettia, I decided to add a little sparkle as well...and since it went on purple I could easily see where I had applied it. Then it did indeed dry completely clear, so it's just shimmery beautiful, no tint to the dazzling diamonds glitter. It's holding the glitter well, it's not rubbing off now that the glue is dry.
If you're looking for a new adhesive, I think this is one definately worth a try! I'm totally impressed with it!

Thank you UHU for the great sample and the clipboard! As you can see, my 2 year old daughter even got to help 'embellish' before I was able to snap the picture. lol

Take a look over here on the UHU blog
for your chance to request a free Sample in December!

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