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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Only my sister would do this to me!!! Grrr...
I've been tagged to list 7 "bookish" things about me. What does this even mean? I'm not really sure, but being the super supportive baby sister that I am, all out of gratitude for her effort in ensuring my existance in the first place (Eileen insits that she prayed me into existance, which in theory sounds a little nuts, but in reality, it really is the only explanation for my existance. LOL I'm the youngest by far of my parents 5 daughters. Eileen being the next oldest finally got through to God when she was 10 and I guess had annoyed Him enough to just send the family me. HAHA!!!) Who would expect to have another baby when your oldest is 17 and your youngest is nearly 11..and there are already 4 girls....well, I can tell you, not my parents.
Anyway, back to the tag, sorry for the long way there.

Here goes.
SEVEN Bookish things about me. ....Eileen tell me if I'm doing this ALL WRONG! LOL

1. I like to read before bed
2. I am totally into the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum Novels! I started in September with One For the Money, and have read through the first 13 on average taking 2-3 days per novel. I just picked up Fearless Fourteen yesterday at the Library.
3. I tend to borrow my books from the library rather than buy them. Firstly, there are way too many other things with 3 kids to spend the money on and just as importantly, my kids need to be able in my house with me. If I bought the books, I could NEVER part with them, and there wouldn't be any room for my kids to live here with me.
4. I like to have a hot drink when I'm reading, in a sunny spot if I have time to read in the day...which is like never. LOL
5. I read every word...I'm not a skimmer either.
6. I'm running out of bookish things to say about myself.
7. I'm going to relate bookish things to scrapping here, since this is intended to be my scrappy blog. ...My favourtie kind of books to WRITE are SCRAPBOOKS! :0)


Kate's Life said...

Cute Jillian! Love your story about your sister!

Eileen Astels Watson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eileen Astels Watson said...

Thanks for playing, Toad! And I did pray you into existence. I know I did!!! Though, sometimes I wonder why. LOL

Kate's Life said...

Sorry Jillian- I tagged you too!