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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The rest of my 'ketchup'

Okay, this past week was the April Crop at THE NOOK and I actually SCRAPPED...and not JUST with DT kit's either!! 
I have found that I can't leave a kit until I feel like I've used every last scrap and this past weekend I forced myself to play with stuff OTHER than kit stuff!! :0)
It felt good to scrap with stash, and some new stuff from SCRAPFEST, which was even better AGAIN this year than it has been in the that can even be, I'm not really sure, but it was!

Okay, so from the Nook Crop challenges, my stash, and ScrapFest purchases, results the following!
From Jenn's splatter challenge...LOVE paint splatter, her tutorial rocks.
And I'm now addicted.

Gary's 8th birthday party...I'm so behind. 
He turned 9 last month.

Loved Charlie's layout so much, I had to do one for Gary. 
I blame Jennifer 100% for my new splatter addiction.

Not feeling this one, but I wanted these pics in Sarah's album, and the papers seemed to work so well with her sweater.  Oh well.  You can't love them all, right? lol

I was in love with this one in my head...but then it didn't translate to paper quite like I'd hoped.
Again, at least it's done. 

Super simple, it's quite a lovely yellow irl, but the weather hasn't been good for photographing.

Another really simple one.
More paint splatter.  All Jenn's fault.
I wanted to journal on the bare space in the photo.
Not too sure yet how much I like this one...

Okay, so that's it for now.  My goal to blog once weekly...
Wish me luck with that. lol


Lorraine said...

Hi, Jillian!

I think of you whenever I hear anything about Scrapfest, and wondered how you are doing. You have to keep blogging so I can catch up with you! Jess and I will have to come to another event in your neck of the woods some time. Or... you could come to Alberta!!!! (hugs) Take care!

Jillian said...

Would LOVE to come out to Alberta one day Lorraine!! Don't hold your breath won't be anytime soon. :(
Miss you guys!