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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Welcome to our first KIKI ART Design Team Blog Hop... however, we'd like to call it a BLOG HOPSCOTCH!

• When? During National Scrapbook Day weekend. :o)

Our hop runs from Thursday, April 29th until Monday, May 3rd.

• How to play?

You can start wherever you want, however, make sure to visit the blogs of our talented design team members. Also, please make sure to visit the Kiki Art blogs (English, French, and Spanish) to be eligible to win.

Each design team member was asked to select an organization that commits to helping others. Then, they created a project based on their organization featuring Kiki Art products. Make sure to take note of each organization/good cause each DT member has selected. ;0)

When you hop from blog to blog, hopefully you will get inspired by all of the beautiful Kiki Art work. We also hope that you are inspired to do good by getting involved in an effort to create a better world for all of us through these organizations.

• How to get a prize from the Kiki Art blog?

For your chance to win, you need to leave a comment on the Kiki Art blog letting us know which one(s) was/were your favorite blog(s) during our blog hop and what organization was displayed on that blog. (Don't limit yourself! You can choose as many blogs as you want!)

• How to get a prize from a Kiki Art design team member blog?

Many members of our design team have decided to give away a project that is related to the good cause they believe in. Leave a comment on their blog hop posts, and they will pick a random winner.
I am offering up an 8X10" altered matteboard pictured here!  Just leave me a comment to be entered to WIN!
On Tuesday, May 4th, all winners will be announced!

Let the BLOG HOPSCOTCH begin!!! Get inspired and enjoy!

Here's the list of names and blog addresses for all three Kiki Art blogs (English, French, and Spanish):


Fleur Smith – BC, CANADA -

Jillian Anger – ON, CANADA - YOU ARE HERE!

Linda Shewchuk – SK, CANADA -

Stephanie Hart – NS, CANADA -

Tammy Lever – AB, CANADA -

Virginia Wong – AB, CANADA -

Ann-Katrin – NORWAY -

Annika Bergquist – SWEDEN -

Carole Stirrat – WA, USA-

Einat Kessler – ISRAEL -

Ellen Sosnoski – PA, USA -

Katrina Hunt – MO, USA -

Keely Yowler – KY, USA -

Lynda Lindley – WA, USA -

Meghan Epperly – FL, USA

Nicole Rixon – CA, USA -

Ria Mojica – PHILIPPINES -

Sarah de Guzman – CA, USA

Sophia Allison – SOUTH AFRICA

Vivi Rahman – BRUNEI

KIKI - Arantza Izurrategui - QC, CANADA -


Carolyn – USA & Panamá -

Christine – USA -

Dessy – MEXICO -

Lida – MEXICO -

Olgacle – COLOMBIA -

Patty – MEXICO -

Rebeca – ESPAÑA -

Rosa – ESPAÑA -

Tere – USA & Mexico -

Kiki Canada & Argentina -


Annie – Québec, Canada -

Kimmieprout – Québec, Canada -

Ladybird – Québec, Canada -

Loustic – Québec, Canada -

Zamaline – Québec, Canada -

Marie France - Québec, Canada -

Karine - Québec, Canada -

- Kiki - Arantza Izurrategui - Québec, Canada -

Okay, now to share with you my cause and my giveaway!

Can you tell by looking at my giveaway what cause is near and dear to my heart?
                              (there is a journaling spot behind the photo mat)

I'll give you a hint.  Notice the finger painting 'strokes'  on the matteboard, and the Huge KikiArt Heart???  {{wink wink}}
Okay, if you haven't already guessed the organization that I'm supporting is the
Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation. 
When I was 16 my Dad suffered a heart attack, and thanks to the work of the Heart and Stroke Foundation he is still with us today!  I can't imagine my life without my Dad's support and influence!  I have two brothers-in-law as well that have survived heart attacks, as well
 as many aunts and uncles.  So in support of my Dad, John Astels, and my Brothers-in-law Allan B. and John P. , and aunts and uncles too numerous to name them all, I chose this as my cause.
The lamp post on here is also signifcant to me.  For many years my mother canvased door to door for Heart and Stroke Foundation, collecting money to aid in research.

If you would like to win this 8X10" altered matteboard, all you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog!   I am also including an extra lamp post die cut as I think it's just too cute not to give one away to the winner to play with on a layout for themselves! ;0)

Please don't forget to visit the blogs of all other participating DT memebers as listed above, and the KikiArt blogs and let them know which blog was your favouite!

Thanks for stopping by, and Good Luck!


Jocelyn said...

I am so with you on this hubby suffers from heart disease!!! This one is near and dear to me!! Beautiful project!!

Karen said...

Love this matteboard canvas Jillian, absolutely beautiful!! What a great cause to support, one that's close to my heart too.

Anonymous said... is beautiful...and Heart and Stroke Fooundation is one charity close to my heart as well since both my parents suffered strokes.

kmassman said...

Your altered matteboard is so beautiful! I wish there was no need for this cause. Maybe one day...

*~*Rita*~* said...

wow Jillian ~ not only are you artistically creative but just the way you put together your give-away signify your cause shows another side of your creativity.

Chelle said...

Jillian what a great matteboard and charity. There is always someone touched by this foundation. My husband goes on a fishing trip each year that raises money for the CHSF.

Laurie (Wally) said...

Jillian.. Love your matteboard. what a great idea.. And the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation does wonderful work.. what a great cause to support...

Patti said...

Jillian, tears are spilling down my cheeks as I read your beautiful post!!! Such a worthy, worthy cause, and one that is exceptionally close to my heart. What a beautiful project showcasing your gorgeous work Jillian. I love it!!!!

marcibun said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story :)

jacque4u2c said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation and your heartfelt story - just beautiful! You have touched many peoples heart with this! My hubby has a blood disorder and has survived blood clots on both lungs and legs - he could of very easily had an heart issue. So touching - thank you!

sarah said...

CUTENESS!!! :) thanks for sharing.


Lorraine said...

Beautiful, Jillian! And a wonderful cause! I love all the symbolic references on your canvas.

jennifer said...

both my parents have heart disease and my grandfather recently had a mild stroke, so this cause is very close to my heart.

Ann said...

Oh that is cute! Great cause too Jillian

Liz said...

Beautiful Jillian!!! what else can I say, great cause!!

justcallmegirlie said...

Beautiful work! Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jillian!

Kelly said...

My mom suffered from both heart disease/attacks/surgery and stroke. Great cause! And beautiful artwork.

MrsETaylor said...

Beautiful work Jillian.

Janice V said...

What a great cause, Jillian and like others here, it's also very close to my heart. My father is a heart attack survivor. My FIL recently passed from a heart attack. Your matboard is beautiful!!!

Fleursbydesign said...

I love your heart board - beautiful project! Heart and Stroke is a great cause to support!

Jess said...

Gorgeous work girlfriend! And a great cause!

motocrossgirlsrule said...

Awesome cause...STUNNING layout!!
Beautiful job Jillian!
Love the lightpost!
Just delicious girlie!!!

Marie-France said...

A very good cause indeed and I love the flower on your project.

עינת said...

What a great cause! I love your project.

maria dolores morales said...

¡Hola Jill! por medio de Kiki Art paso a conocer tu blog y la noble causa que das a conocer. ¡Bello el trabajo que realizaste con los papeles de Kiki!! adoro esos papeles y colores!. Desde Córdoba, Argentina te saludo afectuosamente! Mary.


What a nice proyect and at this time is scrappin with cause! I love it!!!!!! very beautiful proyect, Your blog is fantastic!!!! wow! Kisses from México (DT Spanish! ) :))))

Colleen said...

That is just beautiful. You are so very talented, awesome work.

dreams_sueños said...

Hi Jillian! your matteboard is very nice!!! and your cause is great! thanks for sharing!! Hugs from Argentina

Reel Girl said...

This is an amazing project - - the lamp post with the ribbon is th perfect touch!

Helmar USA Design Team

wustaz said...

your matte board is gorgeous and I love that lamp post too. it's so nice. I love the heart and stroke foundation. I hope they find the genetic component in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and that no more loved ones are lost to that terrible condition

Laura Stewart said...

great project!!

Janet Z said...

Great project Jillian!
My DH has had a heart attack and my FIL passed away from a heart attack and just found out that something is wrong with my DS's heart so this is a great cause!

Anna Gala said...

Hi Jill, I'm so glad 'cause Kiki art let us know girls with a great cause, like you!!!
Just a wonderful cause, and big pretty heart!
Kisses & Hugs!!

susana said...

I love your blog, great cause! and thanks for share!

Hugs from México!


Jillian, simply stunning, both the story and the layout!! Such awesome work you do!!!!

Teresa said...

Hola! muy lindo tu trabajo, también estuve mirando las entradas anteriores y me encantaron tus páginas por lo simple y bello a la vez!!!
La causa que elegiste es muy importante!

Ginny said...

This is such a great cause & beautiful project. I love everything about it, including the symbolism! Great job! I don't know if you get them in Canada, but in the US we have some really funny commercials about strokes. There is a comedian making jokes about his uncle & then goes on to say stroke is no joke, etc. I think they are genius because they are funny & make you listen. Plus the humor isn't at the point that you are offended. If they aren't aired in Canada, maybe you can youtube it, great way to make awareness to the cause!

Keely Yowler said...

I love your beautiful giveaway! What a wonderful cause you are representing.

Vicki said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous project. What a great cause.

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Beautiful project!!!

Ann-Katrin said...

Hello Jillian!
Great organization & love your project!

kiki said...

Jillian, I am so happy I got to meet you. I love your work and you have excelled in this post (both with your art and your heart felted contribution). Thanks for being in the team!

Virginia said...

Love your cause...beautiful work Jillian!