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Monday, January 18, 2010

UHU Sample review for December

I'm very late. {insert red smilie here}

UHU sent me the liquid twist and glue sample last month, and my honest review is that I LOVE the stuff! It's photo safe, and goes on clear, and dries clear. I have used it to glue these glass beads to paper, and the paper to the magnet...they are together TIGHT! It's a similar product to Glossy accents in my mind, except it doesn't stay puffed up or dimensional the way glossy accents does. I have used it on paper and ribbon as well with great success! The little bottle seems to be going a long way for me as well. The GREAT thing about this stuff if you live in a cold climate and order online, is that it can freeze without being damaged...and I can tell you first hand it's true! I got mine in freezing weather and it was frigid when I brought it in the house, and it still works like a charm!!

Thanks UHU for a great sample in December!!!
See their blog here

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