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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Basic Grey

I'm loving the new BG Lines out right now. I'm not usually one to buy full collection packs, but I caved and got both June Bug and Lemonade from Scrapfan .
I'm so glad I did!
Here are 3 with June Bug

the second one was picked up by the BG gallery!
And now my lonely only Lemonade layout so far.

Thanks for looking, and if you're considering these collections, I highly recomend them!


Kate's Life said...

Congrats on getting picked up by BG!!! Your stuff is wonderful- it is soo nice to see it!

Hope things are well with you, and that you guys are having a fab summer!

Miss ya girl!

Jillian said...

Miss you too Kate! It's great to hear from you!